We Are Reimagining

the Energy Capital of the World

Could the Energy Capital of the World become the carbon capture and storage capital of the world? We believe it can.

We, the undersigned companies, support working together to advance plans for capturing and storing carbon dioxide from the Houston industrial area.

With the appropriate government, industry and community backing, we believe we could safely capture and store about 50 million metric tons of carbon dioxide a year from the area’s petrochemical, manufacturing and power generation facilities by 2030, then double that to remove 100 million metric tons a year by 2040.

That’s the equivalent of removing more than 20 million cars off the road.*

We believe we could create tens of thousands of new jobs and protect existing ones. We also believe it could position Houston as a leader in future lower-carbon businesses like hydrogen, and help put the city well on its way to reaching its goal of being carbon-neutral by 2050.

Together, we look forward to working with policymakers, communities and other stakeholders to make the Energy Capital of the World a leader in the transition to a lower-carbon energy future.

*Per U.S. EPA GHG equivalencies calculator.